Founding Partner & Business Analyst

Maximilian Hess

Over 10 Years As Business & Financial Advisor

Tech & Business Lover Since Childhood

German, raised in Spain. Technology and Business Lover since childhood. Former Financial advisor at Deutsche Bank and Banco Santander. Freelance Financial and Business Advisor since 2011. Expert in analyzing your business and finding new opportunities through digitalization.    

“Make Sure You're Always One Step Ahead ..."

Time moves fast. And now, during the era of digitalization, it moves even faster. The biggest and most successful companies in the world did not even exist 15 years ago. All of them have grown incredibly using the potential of digitalization and internet.

On one hand, it has never been so challenging to keep your business up to date. But on the other hand, there have never been so many new opportunities to grow and optimize your business. 
We make sure that your business is one step ahead of competition.
My specialty is analyzing your company, helping you to be a pioneer and showing you how to take advantage of the possibilities of digitalization, automation and internet.  

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