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Wise planning

Based on our experience of how to successfully use digital media to your advantage and getting to know your business, we develop a holistic strategy to achieve sustainable success.


Smart creation

Precisely tailored to your target group, we create customized content that gradually transforms your visitors into prospects and these into long term buying customers.



Now it is time to put the content strategy into practice. salematic24 takes care of the complete implementation and hands over a fully functional, digital workflow. Including briefing and analysis.

LEAD MAGNET strategy and implementation

Turn your anonymous website visitors into verifiable contacts by providing compelling content in exchange for contact information. 

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Are you satisfied with your advertising effectiveness?

Let's improve it

The usual conversation rate is 1%. Don’t worry – with this rate you are in the absolute average. What do you think about changing this proportion drastically – for your absolute benefit!

Let us get more out of your advertising from now on! We will explain and prove to you how this works in practice.

Here comes the solution

Turn visitors into buying customers!

It is not a question "IF" .... just a question "WHEN"

We accompany you during the important process into digitalisation.

Capture the lead

First aim is to make impression and give away some irresistable content to the visitor against his identification (at least an email address) and get a legally captured lead.

Conviction through expertise

Instead of overwhelming the visitor with advertising messages, let us rather build trust by convincing him of your true expertise.

Transform into a buying customer

Due to the digital confidence building, we now reach our prospective customers at the right moment and get them to buy our service / product.
Conviction that digitalization makes sense
Scepticism whether it really works
Fact-based outcome

Finally succeed with digital media

No more digital dreariness. Let us finally succeed online!

New Sales strategies

Quick introduction into some of our tools

We show you, how the “new art of sales” works and how, with easy and automated procedures, you turn your audience  into buying customers.

lead magnet Strategy

Transform your business homepage into a real sales machine - lead magnet strategies and implementations.

existing clients Funnels

Always stay in touch with your existing clients and automatically increase your customer satisfaction and upsellings .

Small talk to business

Use our tag based business card scanner to automatically turn small talk contacts into real business cases.

Digital After Sales

After a visit, use automation to stay close to your customers with specific, relevant and personalized information. Grow trust and generate more sales.